HirabTeb Arshia Co.Ltd

IVD Analyzers and consumables manufacturer

   Hirab Teb Arshia is a high technology company located in Tehran/Iran with diverse and active departments in a wide range of laboratory fields such as design, manufacture and exporter, consultation, , installation and market sales for laboratory instruments.

   Staffs and scientific groups are highly devoted and educated.

HTA feel to take full responsibility for their clients including patients, medical practitioners and suppliers who get most benefits of all our products. Our vision and goals are directed towards customer satisfaction and their requirements.

    We believe to give the best services in the field of laboratory instruments by applying fully automated advanced computer technology in respect with all rules and regulations approved in Iran.

    Computerized and fully automated system will guarantee safety and installation for all our clients.

    We also wish to provide educational courses and program in order to empower our staffs scientific knowledge and get most benefits of their innovation and potential human resources.

    We also wish to share our knowledge and have a main role for both development and medical services within the country.

In addition, we have an ambition to be one of the five top ranking company in field of laboratory and medical devices in Iran.


    In long-term prospects HTA focus on improving our financial contract and sale affair among top commercial companies.


    HTA Laboratory’s products at the moments are namely as follow that all have been re-engineered with latest technology.